element 01

designed for freedom

Technology is making our lives more dynamic than ever before. That calls for flexibility when it comes to people and places. Element 01 meets this need by making room for a range of desires. A modular cabinet with a locker system, it creates space and connects people. Because we all have our own individual way of working, Element 01 is smart, scalable and flexible – and fully customizable, too. You choose the dimensions, materials and colour combinations. It’s designed for freedom — for interior designers, for building managers and for users.

one cabinet

multiple features


Valuables are stored safely and easily, thanks to the electronic locker system.


A modular design for a flexible workplace. Fully scalable, for when needs or circumstances change.


No issues with lost keys, registration, or extra work for the concierge. Using the app, anyone can do it all themselves.

Real-time user insights

Data on the actual occupancy and use of the spaces, always up to date.


Reliable and dependable, thanks to the wired electronic system.

locker system

smart and seamless

Element 01 uses an electronic locker system that works entirely in the cloud. The corresponding app gives you individual access to your selected locker. Unlocking the push-to-open system is done with a simple swipe. Element 01 is an innovation in the field of modern (office) design, where developments such as hybrid working and community building demand innovative, sustainable solutions.

bespoke design

show your true colours

The beauty of Element 01 is its adaptability. The technology and the basic elements of the cabinet are fixed, but the rest is up to the designer. Choose from a range of materials – wood, steel, perforated steel and PET felt – in all the colours of the rainbow. Combine the different panels in endless ways. Every cabinet is a unique interpretation that fits seamlessly with the interior design.

details that everyone can enjoy

Safe & flexible

Adjusts to any space

Acoustic qualities

Local & sustainable