Questions & Answers

These colours don’t work in my interior design.

The colours shown are for reference only. As a designer or architect, you can put together your perfect cabinet, in the colours that match your own vision for the space.

Which panel finishes can I choose from?

There is a standard choice of five finishes for Element 01, which can be coordinated with each other: steel, perforated steel, wood, perforated wood, and PET felt. You can read more about the colour and material options for the panels on the front and back of the cabinets here.

I’m a designer and want to design my own cabinet for a customer. Where is the configurator?

We are a small and passionate team of designers and technicians. For the time being, we only work with selected dealers. This will allow us to gain a good insight into orders and preferences. We may offer a configurator option at a later date.

How do you open the lockers?

The locker system is linked to the building manager’s WiFi network. Using the specially developed app, the user can select a locker and simply unlock it with a swipe.

What if I can’t remember my locker number?

That will never happen, because there are no numbers — or keys, tags, or anything else that you could forget or lose. Just open the app and the rest is automatic.

Do people always get the same locker?

A locker can be assigned to one person, so that they always have their ‘own’ locker. However, this isn’t the only option. A variable system is also possible.

Can you open the locker without an app?

No battery? Forgot your phone? The building manager can open any locker remotely. Fast, easy and reliable.

Where can I charge up my laptop or iPad safely?

Battery low? No problem. Every locker has an internal USB connection. A 230v socket is also an option. Valuable items can remain safely at the workplace and are ready-to-use for next time. Charge them up without worries.

How much maintenance does the system require?

None. The cabinet has a wired electronic system and works entirely in the cloud.

What extras does the system offer the building manager?

Multiple extras. The locker system is also really easy to use for the manager. Because the history can be read, the system provides valuable data about the occupancy rate in a building at specific times. The locker system is a practical service for employees, visitors and other users.

That’s all very nice, but how reliable is the technology?

Element 01 works with a Dutch-developed system which already runs 500,000 lockers successfully. The innovation lies in the application of this technology to a cabinet that bears no resemblance to the appearance of a standard locker cabinet.

What about sustainability?

We are aware of our footprint. Now we are constantly looking at how and where in the process we can limit CO2 emissions. We aim to join the net zero transition shortly. All our suppliers are subject to a strict selection process. For example, we only work with locally produced steel in the Netherlands and PET felt, a sheet material made from recycled polyester. Above all, the high quality and smart design make the cabinet durable — flexible, scalable, and a real chameleon.